Senator Praises Work of Sacramento County Farm Bureau

Senator Jim Nielsen Cites Commitment to Agriculture and Farming

SACRAMENTO: The Sacramento County Farm Bureau (SCFB) has drawn both the admiration and praise of Northern California State Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber), who recent congratulated the organization for its 100-years of service to the Sacramento County community and its recent recognition from the California Agriculture Heritage Club. Nielsen, who represents that 4th State Senate District and serves as Chair of the Senate Republican Caucus, Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and Vice Chair of the Senate Budget & Fiscal Review, praised the SCFB for its “commitment to agriculture and farming for the past 100-years.”

“I appreciate your continued efforts to promote and defend the agricultural interests within the county; such support is invaluable,” Senator Nielsen wrote in a letter to the SCFB. “Additionally, I applaud the efforts the efforts the organization and its board have taken to remain fiscally responsible for its duration. The accomplishments you have achieved over this past century surely give you a lot to be proud of.”

Senator Nielsen also praised the SCFB for its “celebratory milestone” and its statewide recognition from the 2017 California Agricultural Heritage Club Ceremony held last month at the California State Fairgrounds in Sacramento.

“Senator Nielsen’s recognition of the work and accomplishments of the SCFB is an important triumph for this organization,” said SCFB Board President Virginia Hemly-Chhabra. “Senator Nielsen is no stranger to agriculture. He grew up on a small farm in the San Joaquin Valley and later worked as a ranch foreman and operated the family cattle, field and row-crop ranch. His recognition of SCFB efforts is greatly appreciated.”

The SCFB was honored for 100-years of services last month at the 2017 California Agricultural Heritage Club Ceremony held at the California State Fairgrounds in Sacramento. Membership in the Agricultural Heritage Club is a prestigious award, which is only given to farms, ranches, organizations and agribusinesses that have maintained a fiscal responsibility in the state for at least one full century.

Sacramento County is the 25th largest agriculture producing county in California with total agricultural production approaching $500 million. The top five county crops include wine grapes, poultry, grain corn, milk and Bartlett pears.

Sacramento County farmers put food on your fork.  Our agricultural operations and products are as diverse as the lands we carefully manage.  We are proud to provide healthy, fresh food for your family and ours.  We invite you to join our efforts to protect Sacramento County’s agriculture, rural character, and our ability to produce local, high-quality food for your table.

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